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Scribblings Online – Dec 2001

Prayers Answered

Thank you for praying for our safe return. We got back to Britain in July and are enjoying being here. God willing, we will return to Côte d’Ivoire next summer. Since returning we have seen other wonderful answers to prayer. Just two days before leaving Abidjan our landlord sent us a letter saying he was raising the rent for our apartment by 75%. This came as a great shock, but after mentioning this for prayer, we got a call from him say- ing he would not increase it at all this year. In August, rental payments for our house in South Wales suddenly stopped. It looked like we would face losing 6 months rent and have to find new tenants. But again, following a prayer meeting where we shared this concern, the arrears were paid in full by the local authority.


No News?

We must apologise to those who are wondering if their names have been lost from our mailing list. It’s entirely possible that you have heard nothing from us since last Christmas. We have been sending out news through e-mail, but you may not be seeing that. We are sorry we haven’t produced a paper newsletter earlier and we will make an effort not to allow such a long gap in future.
We expect that many of you are now online and we really want to encourage you to join our e-mailing list. Just click this link to send an e-mail message to subscribe@shaddick.net You should get a reply soon afterwards confirming that your e-mail address has been added. Why not do it now while you have the address in your hand? We promise not to send you spam (junk e-mail)!


During the last 6 months of my time in Abidjan I continued with the work I had been doing for the past year. That is, being a link person between financial donors in Europe and North America and the projects in Côte d’Ivoire and Mali. A lot of my time was also taken up with organising our biennial branch conference, which took place I April. Later I was sorting and packing up our apartment ready for this period of home assignment. We are very glad that some SIL ladies were able to move into our apartment in our absence. This made life much easier for
us as we were able to leave our furniture and kitchen equipment for them to use.
Back in Bristol, my time is taken up with various activities relating to school – working as a dinner lady twice a week, helping in the classroom, school prayer meeting, friends committee; and church – ladies meetings, house group, singing group, as well as normal household chores. I’m enjoying it all very much, but do miss my friends in Abidjan.

{mosimage}Emma: Hey Christopher what do you like about living in England?

Christopher: Kids TV!

Emma: I like that too, but I also like seeing my old school friends who I got to know last time we lived here.

Christopher: Yeah school is good here. We do a lot more fun things, like art and there’s more play time.

Emma: I like having a teacher who doesn’t shout at us all the time. But I miss having lots of friends to play with after school. I miss sliding in the mud and things like that.
: What else do you want to tell people about?

Christopher: Well we did our judo grading in October.

Emma: Yes when we joined the British Judo Federation we had to start again with white belts.

Christopher: At the grading we had to fight other people to show how good we were. The examiners were really impressed and they gave us both Orange belts.

Emma: I’ll be glad when we get back to Africa though because the judo class is not so crowded there.

Christopher: Yeah me too, but I hope we get to see some snow here first, I can’t remember what it’s like.


2001 didn’t get off to an auspicious start with an attempt at another military coup in early January. Fortunately this was quickly brought under control. We are glad that our last six months in Abidjan were considerably calmer than the previous year.
At our conference in April I was elected to continue as country director for another two years after we return next summer.
During this year of home assignment Wycliffe has asked me to promote language and linguistic courses through the development of a web site for the European Training Programme. I am able to do this mostly from home. You can take a look at what I have been doing by looking at www.eurotp.org .
I am also taking a part-time computer course to update my skills and trying to get fitter by going to a gym and swimming regularly!
My other main activity is talking to churches and other groups about our work. Please get in touch if you would like me (or Margo) to speak at your church or any smaller group.
It's a very long time since we saw many of you. So please telephone us, e-mail us or just drop by if you are passing anywhere near the M4/
M5 intersection. 

Mariam & David

{mosimage}It was great for me (Paul) to be asked to represent the other SIL members
in Côte d'Ivoire and Mali at the Africa Area Conference in
Kenya last May.
     One of the things which made it so special
was to be able to visit Carlos and Mariam Goprou and their new baby
son David. You may remember that they are training in Nairobi in preparation
for work on translation of the scriptures into Bhete of Gagnoa.
     Carlos and a friend of his picked me up at
the airport and took me to the campus of the Nairobi Evangelical School
of Theology where they live and study. They are now well into their
second year at NEGST and getting on very well. Carlos has just finished
writing his Masters degree dissertation, whilst
Mariam has been getting specialist computer training. They do miss their
home climate, food and culture and look forward eagerly to returning
next summer and getting the ball rolling on Bhete Bible Translation.
If you would like to encourage them, I can give you their address or
you can e-mail carlos_goprou@sil.org


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