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Penal Substitutionary Death

Last night I listened to a talk by Steve Wilmshurst on the current atonement controversy. I appreciated Steve's clear explanation of the debate which has particularly erupted following Steve Chalke's repeated denial of penal substitution. Steve W. noted in passing that Affinity is in the process of clarifying its doctrinal basis by stating its belief in Jesus' penal substitutionary death. Whilst I do believe the Bible teaches the doctrine, I find the phrase penal substitutionary death grammatically awkward and therefore unclear. The main audience for the statement is probably those with significant theological education, but I'm sure that it will be read by others, if only when it gets posted on church noticeboards. Steve said that this was already the third draft and wonderered if I
had a better suggestion. So far the best I can do is his death bearing the punishment for sin in the place of sinners. My purpose here isn't to debate penal substitution itself but please do comment if you can suggest clearer
ways of phrasing this belief.

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  • Theodore A. Jones

    Other than that the doctrine of substitutionary atonement is an entirely false explanation of of what the crucifixion of Jesus has perfected for salvation from the penalty of eternal death, there is no other correct assessment of the idea.

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