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Vista: built-in drivers not found?

If anyone else out there is experiencing the "joy" of transitioning from XP to Vista here's another tip which is helping to smooth my path. For some reason my Vista wasn't finding drivers for things like USB hard drives and flash drives despite the claim that it ships with 11,700 drivers. I just got a brand new "Vista compatible" flash drive/card reader made by Kingston plugged it in and what would you know…searching, searching…Windows was unable to find a suitable driver for this device. Checking Kingston's support site there was still no downloadable driver so I e-mailed their support. I got this this reply in less than 24hrs:

The problem you are experiencing is an issue caused by Vista. Vista is unable to find the location where its drivers are located.You can try to redirect Vista to the following folder: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ 

So full marks to Kingston, zero marks to Microsoft. 

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