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Are all Christians called to be missionaries? / Does a dog have four legs?

Top social networking site Facebook allows you to do many things with varying degrees of usefulness. One useful thing it does do is to let you ask questions for your friends to answer. I asked the question Are all Christians called to be missionaries? which has produced some varied and conflicting responses. My good friend Eddie Arthur wasn't too impressed by the question, but due to the 250 word response limit on Facebook he answered it with a post on his blog. Feel free to post your responses to the question as comments here.


2 comments to Are all Christians called to be missionaries? / Does a dog have four legs?

  • Johnathan

    nope they are not. Some are called to be bakers and politicians and accountants etc. Missionaries are specially trained people. If you mean all christians are called to be a witness to Christ thats fine but ‘missionaries’ is a whole different matter. Most protestants in america think that only ‘fulltime ministry’ is Godly so you have millions of protestants who have NO effect on the culture (because being a missionary is more important than being a movie producer or a screenwriter), NO effect on politics (because being a missionary is more important then being a senator or a congresswoman), NO effect in science (because being a missionary is more important then being a biologist etc), NO effect … well you get the idea. Im sure there will be many people who will condemn me for not being ‘christian’ enough but my question to YOU is are you happy with giving the socalled ‘secular’ world over to satan? If not then DO SOMETHING about it. Do you know there are over 50 million evangelicals in america and not one is a supreme court justice? 4 supreme court justices are catholics thank GOD for that otherwise we would have NO effect there. WAKE UP –PAUL DID NOT CALL YOU ALL TO BE MISSIONARIES STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES.

  • Thanks for your good comments Johnathan. I was asking the question, precisely because many Christians have a view that mission is for professional ‘missionaries’. You have probably seen my comment there:
    The reason I asked the question is that I am increasingly uncomfortable with the word “missionary” in the way in which it is usually used. I am not convinced that mission (or proclamation for that matter) is a vocation to which only some are called. As Chris Wright has shown so well, God is on a mission, he has sent Christ into the world and all Christians by definition must be his followers.

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