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yubnub – teleportation for the web

{mosimage}Do you ever get fed up of navigating your way around the web with bookmarks, forms and buttons? Wouldn't it be nice to just type quick commands into your browser which got you right to the page you wanted. How about these for example:

  • gim pigs – to go straight to a google image search for pigs
  • amuk bill bryson – to find books etc. by the Thunderbolt Kid on amazon.co.uk
  • rightmove bs32 – search for houses for sale in Bradley Stoke
  • qdef missional – get a 10 second popup with the definition of an important word

Yubnub is what you need. You can even write your own commands, like I did:

  • nbv eph 4 26 – see a comparison of the chosen verse in 9 different English versions plus the biblical language with translation notes

Importantly you don't have to browse to yubnub to use it. Click here to learn how to integrate yubnub into your browser.

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