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A Few Words Before Second Lunch

secondbreakfast_smallHobbits, I understand, frequently enjoy a ‘second breakfast’. One of the ‘perks’
of crossing the Atlantic at this time of day is ‘second lunch’. Sorry I
haven’t written much for a little while, I hope to correct that
somewhat over the next few days whilst I’m in the United States.

At the moment I am somewhere in the sky between Greenland and New York, so I’m typing this offline using Microsoft OneNote and will cut and paste into an email and the blog when this evening finally arrives. If
you haven’t yet come across OneNote, let me recommend it to you.
OneNote is a excellent piece of software which helps me remain
marginally less disorganised than I would otherwise be. One way of
getting it is as part of the three licences which come with the good
value Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

For the past few years I have travelled with Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow,
but this year the cheapest option was to take the Continental flight
direct from Bristol. To be honest I would rather fly with Richard
Branson – this Boeing 757 doesn’t even have screens in the seat backs
let alone the choice of a dozen different films on demand. Well, at
least I’ve managed to catch up on some unfinished reading and you are
hearing something from us at last.

I’ve just finished reading Total Church by Tim Chester & Steve Timmis. Others have already written helpful reviews
so I won’t attempt another one myself, but I do recommend it if you
care at all about how your church can best help believers to mature in
their faith and effectively communicate the good news of Jesus to a
world which would rather ignore him.

I will be posting more here about what I’m doing and learning in the US over the next few days, but
let me conclude this missive with some news of the rest of the family.
Please pray particularly for Margo and all five children during this
next week while I am away. We are currently having our boiler replaced
so they’ll be without hot water for a few days too.

Margo does a fantastic job looking after us all, but doesn’t get much time to herself or as much appreciation as she deserves.

Hannah has just passed 12 weeks old so obviously demands quite a lot of
attention, but it is great to see her beginning to smile and pay
attention to what is going on around her.

are constantly surprised to learn that Eliana won’t even be three until
July, she is into everything and talking about it. She recently tried
redecorating our lounge as well as herself with a green ink pad, which
was a bit horrifying, but it mostly seems to have washed off.

just turned 5. He is still trying to get to grips with the hard task of
learning to read and write. He enjoys school but still gets very tired.

Emma and
Christopher are in the middle of GCSE exams at the moment. Emma is
taking French & German a year early and Christopher is taking about
10 more subjects, having completed his French last year. I had fun
helping him revise Maths, I now understand several things which I don’t
think I really did when I took my O levels about 30 years ago!

A somewhat disappointing second lunch snack
box has just arrived so that’ll be it for now. Keep checking the blog
for news over the next few days, I won’t send everything out by email
in case you get tired of hearing about techie stuff.

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