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Salvation – a way to teach truth to children

The theme of the service I was leading yesterday was salvation, so I came up with this talk/activity for the children. I’m not always keen on children’s talks, but this one worked well and I think it teaches truth to adults too, so I thought I should pass it on. It seemed particularly appropriate for Father’s day.

adult taking child's hand

Have theĀ  children come to the front and lie on their backs with their knees bent and their lower legs resting on the platform/dais – in our building it’s about a foot off the ground but you may need to adapt. Tell them to fold their arms tightly across their chests and close their eyes. Now, tell them that, without standing up or using their arms, they have to get onto the platform. Most will find it impossible, but you may, like me, find that one of them somehow worms their way up, in which case use him/her as your ‘son’, otherwise get an older child or an adult to come up onto the stage to act your ‘son’. Now publicly tell your ‘son’ to go down and touch the eyes of each child to open them and release their arms. As each child’s eyes are opened and their arms freed, reach out your hand to pull them up onto the platform with you. Explain to everyone how we are all blind and bound helplessly by our sin, so that it really is completely impossible for us to truly know God or come to him by our own efforts, but that the Father has sent his Son to open our eyes to the truth and free us from the sin which binds us. God reaches out and saves us so that we can know him and be with him now and forever.

Remember, everything is going on low down, so make sure you explain what’s happening for the benefit of any who can’t see. Any ideas for improvement or comments, whether theological or practical are very welcome.

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