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Love or fear?

Pastor in Congo:
Why haven’t the missionaries returned?…
In the past there were missionaries who loved us and accepted to suffer with us

1 John 4:18
Such love has no fear because perfect love expels all fear.” (NLT)

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  • But. But. But.
    This is a great challenge to the cowardice which chooses easy roads and calls it mission. But African churches will always ask for help if they see a chance to raise the living standards of the people they serve. This is not a call from God but realistic economic thinking on their part.
    Most mission work in Africa is not gospel work. Even when it is it is done by people who never get to really BELONG. Their primary fellowship and loyalty is with the mission organisation or even a “home church” thousands of miles away. When they retire they leave. When they need a break they fly out.
    Those weak “local churches” are obviously STRONGER than the mission societies because they are still there.
    AIM has a lot more thinking to do.

  • Interesting comments Erik. I agree that we must be careful in how we respond to calls for help from the church in Africa. Actually from my experience of working with Wycliffe in Ivory Coast and in AIM’s international office, I know that mission organisations spend a lot of time thinking hard about the response they make to such calls.
    I’m not sure exactly how you would define ‘gospel work’ in your statement that most mission work is not gospel work. Assuming you mean that a lot is not direct evangelism, then I would agree with you. As far as mission work being done by people who do not really belong, that is true in many cases but definitely not all.
    Are you suggesting that only evangelism by people who become belongers is really valid mission? AIM today gives priority to bringing the gospel to ‘unreached’ African peoples and seeking the establishment of Christ-centred churches among them. We also do our best to help people become belongers as far as they are able.
    My personal experience is that I now feel some sense of belonging, both in the UK and in Africa, but I think that we will only truly know that we are in the place we belong when we are together with the Lord.

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