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Google: evil = faith-based? #09ntc

I’m at the non-profit technology conference in San Francisco. I’ve just attended a session by Google on some of their non-profit programmes such as Google grants, Youtube non-profit channels etc. Based on AIM’s official non-profit status in the US AIM gets free Google Apps for education and we greatly appreciate the tool. However these newer programmes have added new criteria for non-profit elligibility. One of these criteria seems to be that the organisation’s membership must not be motivated primarily by religious faith. During the session I asked why this new criterion is being introduced. The four presenters were unwilling to give any response to my question but “we don’t set the criteria”. Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil” but it seems that Google are beginning to view faith-based motivation as evil. I’d love Google’s policy makers to read Times journalist and atheist Matthew Parris’ article about the difference that faith makes in Africa and reconsider.

Hey I’m at work – that’s my green Fiesta

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Google UK Street View finally launches! This is the AIM International office where I am working right now. I have an idea I might be further down the road walking along – but I guess Google will have fuzzed my face.