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Burning Bibles for Halloween!

Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina are planning an alternative to Halloween. Of course lots of churches have been doing that for years, but this one is a bit different. Here’s the announcement from the church’s website:

Halloween Book Burning Has NOT Been Cancelled!

Burning Perversions of God’s Word

October 31, 2009   – 7:00 PM – Til

This event is not open to the public. Only our members and those by special invitation from the pastor are welcome. All others are tresspassing, this includes the media.

Great Preaching and Singing

We are burning Satan’s bibles like the NIV, RSV, NKJV, TLB, NASB, ESV, NEV, NRSV, ASV, NWT, Good News for Modern Man, The Evidence Bible, The Message Bible, The Green Bible, ect. These are perversions of God’s Word the King James Bible.

We will also be burning Satan’s music such as country , rap , rock , pop, heavy metal, western, soft and easy, southern gospel , contemporary Christian , jazz, soul, oldies but goldies, etc.

We will also be burning Satan’s popular books written by heretics like Westcott & Hort , Bruce Metzger, Billy Graham , Rick Warren , Bill Hybels , John McArthur, James Dobson , Charles Swindoll , John Piper , Chuck Colson , Tony Evans, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swagart , Mark Driskol, Franklin Graham , Bill Bright, Tim Lahaye, Paula White , T.D. Jakes, Benny Hinn , Joyce Myers , Brian McLaren , James White, Robert Schuller, Mother Teresa , The Pope , Rob Bell, Erwin McManus , Donald Miller, Shane Claiborne, Brennan Manning, William Young, Will Graham , and many more.

We are not burning Bibles written in other languages that are based on the TR. We are not burning the Tyndale, Geneva or other translations that are based on the TR.

We will be serving fried chicken, and all the sides.

If you have any books or music to donate, please call us for pick-up. If you like you can drop them off at our church door anytime. Thanks. 828-648-0213

Shame no one else is invited, I’m sure the fried chicken will be great! However, I wouldn’t bank on finding much evidence of God’s amazing grace among those who gather for the bonfire. Let’s pray that some of them will read and understand their King James Versions at least, and realise that their bonfire is giving off much more heat than light to a world that is dying for lack of the knowledge of God. Sadly they are merely bringing ridicule to God’s name and fuelling the fires of unnecessary divisions among God’s people.

Eddie Arthur points us to a good post by Pastor Matthew that unfortunately these people will probably never read.

Someone’s cracked the Narnia Code – on the Beeb tonight

I’m Looking forward to watching this programme tonight.


Thanks BBC for a great programme on the hidden third level message in Narnia – watch it if you can here. I loved the clear statement of Lewis’ ‘secret’ challenge to materialistic thinking. Praying that many will be challenged by it.

There’s an outline of Michael Ward’s thesis here.

Never mind April Fools – Rise Up and Pray on April 2nd!

Can you meet with friends to pray on the day of the G20 summit? As the sun rises across the globe, Christians will be praying throughout the day, covering the meeting in prayer Why not have an early-morning prayer get-together where you are? Click the banner for more information which can help you to pray together.


Prayer – Stop talking and listen!

One of the things I remember learning in Bible college is that the Holy Spirit dwells in the church as well as in individual Christians. Of course this doesn’t lead to infallibility in any church any more than it does in individuals, because our perfection is yet to come. In my tradition at least, I think we have sadly de-emphasized the importance of the gathered church listening to the Holy Spirit. Of course we have sermons and Bible studies, but so often we seem to be looking for intellectual learning rather than listening to God.

prayer bookA couple of times in our prayer meetings recently I have tried to encourage a more conversational style of prayer which involves much more listening and not moving on from one subject to another too quickly. I came across some very helpful principles along these lines in a book called Prayer: Conversing With God by Rosalind Rinker. I haven’t read the book yet, just a few snippets which are on Google Books. When those present have followed the principles it’s been a real blessing with a special sense of God’s speaking to us as we have prayed.

Since starting this post I’ve found out a little more about this book and its author. Rosalind Rinker went to China as a missionary in about 1926 when she was 20 years old and remained there for about 14 years.  In 1945 she joined the staff of Inter Varsity Fellowship in the U.S. and wrote this book in 1959. She died in 2002. I was most shocked to find that not only is the book well known but in October 2006, Christianity Today Magazine published its list of “The Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals” (over the past 50 years). Rinker’s Prayer: Conversing with God was voted number one on that list by CT‘s editors. How many people have recommended this book to me? I guess it’s time to buy a copy and read it.

Missionaries “burning idols” in India



My Google news alert for “missionary” just turned up a news report from the state of Assam in north-eastern India about indigenous Christian missionaries allegedly setting fire to a Hindu temple. According to the report “under the guidance of their pastor they attacked the temple of the goddess Kali and set the idol on fire”. Apparently since the mid 1990s people are being forced to embrace Christianity by coercive methods such as Bible distribution and the use of questionnaires! We should pray for the thousands of believers in India seeking to reach their neighbours with the love of Christ. They face many false accusations and distortions and experience great persecution .

Sad News from Gagnoa

Please pray for our Bhete friend Eliezer and his wife Angele. Angele recently had a severe case of malaria which led to hospitalisation. Sadly the malaria provoked the premature birth of the baby they were expecting. I don’t have many details except that there was no incubator available at the hospital in Gagnoa and the baby died within a few hours of birth. Eliezer was in Abidjan while all this was happening and has only been able to go back today. Pray that God would comfort them and their two year old daughter Margo.

A Few Words Before Second Lunch

secondbreakfast_smallHobbits, I understand, frequently enjoy a ‘second breakfast’. One of the ‘perks’
of crossing the Atlantic at this time of day is ‘second lunch’. Sorry I
haven’t written much for a little while, I hope to correct that
somewhat over the next few days whilst I’m in the United States.

At the moment I am somewhere in the sky between Greenland and New York, so I’m typing this offline using Microsoft OneNote and will cut and paste into an email and the blog when this evening finally arrives. If
you haven’t yet come across OneNote, let me recommend it to you.
OneNote is a excellent piece of software which helps me remain
marginally less disorganised than I would otherwise be. One way of
getting it is as part of the three licences which come with the good
value Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition.

For the past few years I have travelled with Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow,
but this year the cheapest option was to take the Continental flight
direct from Bristol. To be honest I would rather fly with Richard
Branson – this Boeing 757 doesn’t even have screens in the seat backs
let alone the choice of a dozen different films on demand. Well, at
least I’ve managed to catch up on some unfinished reading and you are
hearing something from us at last.

I’ve just finished reading Total Church by Tim Chester & Steve Timmis. Others have already written helpful reviews
so I won’t attempt another one myself, but I do recommend it if you
care at all about how your church can best help believers to mature in
their faith and effectively communicate the good news of Jesus to a
world which would rather ignore him.

I will be posting more here about what I’m doing and learning in the US over the next few days, but
let me conclude this missive with some news of the rest of the family.
Please pray particularly for Margo and all five children during this
next week while I am away. We are currently having our boiler replaced
so they’ll be without hot water for a few days too.

Margo does a fantastic job looking after us all, but doesn’t get much time to herself or as much appreciation as she deserves.

Hannah has just passed 12 weeks old so obviously demands quite a lot of
attention, but it is great to see her beginning to smile and pay
attention to what is going on around her.

are constantly surprised to learn that Eliana won’t even be three until
July, she is into everything and talking about it. She recently tried
redecorating our lounge as well as herself with a green ink pad, which
was a bit horrifying, but it mostly seems to have washed off.

just turned 5. He is still trying to get to grips with the hard task of
learning to read and write. He enjoys school but still gets very tired.

Emma and
Christopher are in the middle of GCSE exams at the moment. Emma is
taking French & German a year early and Christopher is taking about
10 more subjects, having completed his French last year. I had fun
helping him revise Maths, I now understand several things which I don’t
think I really did when I took my O levels about 30 years ago!

A somewhat disappointing second lunch snack
box has just arrived so that’ll be it for now. Keep checking the blog
for news over the next few days, I won’t send everything out by email
in case you get tired of hearing about techie stuff.

Sunday Telegraph – The Good News paper?

{mosimage}I was preaching on the Spirit of Truth this morning from Luke 16:5-15. I drew attention to the new BBC mini series The Passion which begins on BBC 1 (or as it now seems to be called BBC one) tonight at 8pm. I was questioning what weight the BBC would give to the historical truth as recorded by the eyewitness accounts of the gospel writers versus the concerns of political correctness and entertainment value. At this point I had the wonderful experience of someone actually speaking up and contributing from the congregation – oh that it would happen more – pointing out that today the Sunday Telegraph are giving away free copies of Luke's gospel with every paper. Wow – whatever next! Let's pray that the Spirit of Truth will speak to many as they read the Word of God and lead them into the light of the truth!

Hannah Grace Shaddick

{mosimage} Hannah Grace was born today at 7.50am only 50 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. She weighed 6lb 11.5oz (just over 3Kg). Margo and Hannah were both able to come home this afternoon. Both are doing very well. As you can imagine our other children are all very excited at having a new baby sister. It was great for me to come from the hospital and lead the service in church this morning.

Apologies for not letting you know before that our move went well – it took weeks to get our phone and internet reconnected! Our new address is 124 Oaktree Crescent, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 9AB and our phone number is 01454 610840. We have also found a new seven seater car which we should be getting later in the week – its a Kia Sedona.

Thanks for all who have been faithfully praying about all our changes. The Lord has truly granted us grace upon grace!

Shaddick Shocker

Time for an update on what has been going on in our lives. The first bit of news is BIG!

Our sovereign God caught us all by surprise when
we learned in July that his good plans for us include a fifth child! We
thought that four children were more than enough, but no we
really are expecting yet another, probably in March. Having broken the
news to the rest of the family and thought things through, we realise
that we need to find a house with a bit more space. We have put our
house on the market this week, so please pray with us for a buyer. We
can’t afford to pay much more for a different house, especially
considering that the total costs of moving now amount to around £15000
– half of which is tax. We don’t have any significant savings, so our
mortgage will need to increase substantially. Apart from moving, we
will also need to change our car before the baby is born since we
currently only have a six seater. We really would appreciate your
continued prayers particularly for Margo in the pregnancy, but also for
the whole family as we go through lots of change again.

{mosimage}Other things may not be big news by comparison, but we are grateful for your having kept us in your prayers over the summer.

  • Paul’s trip to the US in June was
    helpful for his IT work and Margo survived without losing her sanity.
    AIM’s new online personnel placement system which we have been talking
    about for so long is finally close to being launched. AIM’s
    reorganization into regions is going well, but we would appreciate
    prayer for the upcoming International Council meetings.
  • Christopher
    took his French GCSE a year early and achieved an excellent A* grade.
    He is now beginning year 11 and will take about a dozen more GCSEs next
    summer. He and Emma really enjoyed attending a Christian event called
    Creation Fest in Devon with their cousins. Emma begins year 10, her
    first year of GCSE courses.
  • At
    the other end of his school years, four year old Luke was very excited
    to begin at Holy Trinity Primary School last Tuesday. He was very tired
    by the end of the week but is very happy to go each morning.
  • Eliana,
    our little two year old whirlwind continues to keep us all laughing and
    on our toes as she rushes around the house organising and disorganising
    everyone and everything. Keeping things in a state ready for
    prospective buyers to view the house is a big challenge!
  • We
    took our car through the channel tunnel and drove down through France
    for a relaxing family holiday in Spain with Margo’s parents and her
    sister’s family. While we were there Margo reached the big four-o
    … (continued)

We continue to get encouraging news from Côte
d’Ivoire, both on the national level and concerning the language work
which we used to be so closely involved with:

    The country is slowly beginning to get
    back on its feet politically and economically after the years of being
    divided, but there is still considerable tension as things move towards
    a presidential election. Pray with us for continued stability and a
    willingness to set aside the selfish and divisive attitudes which led
    to the original conflict.
    has continued working on translating Mark’s gospel. Pray for good
    progress on this work and for Carlos and his family as they struggle to
    live on a very limited income.
  • The
    UEESO church (originally started by UFM) has created its own
    translation department and is particularly focusing on several
    languages of the Kru language family including Bhete of Gagnoa. SIL is
    working closely with this “Kru Initiative” providing technical and
    financial help. If you want to help meet Carlos’s needs and other work
    on Bhete translation and literacy, you can give through Wycliffe (http://www.wycliffe.org.uk) designating your gift as being for the “SIL Côte d’Ivoire Kru Initiative”.
  • Eliezer
    organized a camp for more than 100 young people with the objective of
    helping them see the importance and value of their mother tongues.
    Schooling in Côte d’Ivoire is almost exclusively in French and many
    young people grow up thinking that local languages have little or no
    value. Many participants in the camp went away with a new passion for
    their own languages and a desire to learn to read and write them.

We continue to give thanks to God for all of you
who pray for us and provide for us through generous giving. May the
Lord bless you too even if his blessings come as a surprise.